At the Etableringen (the municipality's establishment office at Arbetsförmedlingen also called ISA-kontoret), different government agencies work together on integration of newly arrived persons. This is where all newly arrived persons who have residence permits can get help with beginning the establishment phase, a programm which helps new residents to establish themselves in Sweden. All agencies that work with foreign persons can be found here under one roof.

Within the office facilities you can find case officers, social workers, and consultants.

In this office you get informed of your rights in the community as well other things in the proper way. Here is where you will get support like beginning your language course called Swedish for foreigners (Svenska för Invandrare). It is commonly referred to as SFI.

All registered persons will get general understanding and knowledge on how the community works. This includes childcare, education and schools, how to apply for social support, a loan to buy home furniture, insurance and how to properly seek healthcare.

Here, people who have education from outside the country, can seek help with validation of their education from their country of origin. You can also get help with work internship to make it easier to enter the job market based on work experience.