The Asylum and migrant health

The Asylum and migrant health Gävleborg is responsible for carrying out health examinations for all asylum seekers and migrants who come to Gävleborg province. Those subject to health examinations under this division are: asylum seekers, children under 18, students, stateless persons, persons on a tourist visa valid for 3 months, persons on a co-habitation visa, skilled workers visa, family reunion visas, refugees in hiding, and quota refugees.

Health examinations are important in order to detect, and prevent infectious diseases from spreading. Vaccinations are offered to reduce the chances of newly arrived persons do not fall ill. They also get advice on how to seek healthcare from authorities nearest to them and at the right level.

These health examinations are free of charge and Region Gävleborg also assists with bus transport to and from the asylum and migrant health centre. Language interpreters are available at all times via the telephone or in person at the centre.

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