Recycling center

Långtå is Söderhamn's recycling center.

Find it here (map). External link, opens in new window.

Here's how to sort at the recycling center:


Hazardous waste (Farligt avfall)

All hazardous waste should be left in the hazardous waste building. Here you can leave electrical appliances, oils, chemicals like paint and pesticides, spray cans, small batteries, car batteries and lamps of various kinds.

Large appliances

Here you leave stoves, cookers, dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, drying cabinets and deficiencies as well as refrigerators, freezers and heat pumps.

Soil and stone

Here you dump soil, stone, sand, gravel, tile and brick directly into the waste pit.

Bushes and shrubs

Put bushes and shrubs and other waste from the garden in the container.

Paper packaging

Here you throw all kinds of paper packages and cartons. You should not throw corrugated board here, instead, use the corrugated container a little further away at the recycling center.


Here you throw newspapers, magazines, brochures, pocket books and writing papers. Gift paper should not be placed here but in the container for combustible material. Binders and bound books should also be placed under combustible material.

Plastic packaging

In this container you will throw all plastic packaging.

Metal packaging

Here you throw clean and dry cans, drinking cans, aluminum shapes, foil, empty spray cans, tubes and caps.

Glass packaging

Colored and uncoloured glass packaging and bottles are thrown into the container for colored and uncoloured glass. Unscrew caps and dispose them in the metal packaging container.

Mattresses and stuffed furniture

Here, furniture with padding consisting of metal springs will be added. Mattresses containing foam or dun should be disposed of in the container for combustible material.


In this container you throw everything that consists of wood, painted and unpainted, but absolutely not impregnated. It does not matter if it contains nails and screws.

Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard are all cartons that have a smooth surface and a folded core of cardboard. These cartons may not be disposed of with paper packages.

Other combustible material

Here, other combustible material can be disposed of, such as books, clothes, fabrics, plastic (not packaging), pillows, blankets, foam mattresses, cushions and styrofoam.

Iron and metal

Metal items such as lawn mowers, pans, pots, bathtubs, rims, bikes, lorries, elements and anything that are mostly made of metal are thrown in this container.

Non-combustible (landfill)

Any material that can not be recycled is deposited as landfill. Depositary waste is, for example, glassware, porcelain, insulation, tarpaulin, toilet chairs and sinks.

Car tires

Car tires are often recycled and only car tires can be thrown in this container. Bicycle tires are placed in the container for combustible material.

Impregnated wood

All types of impregnated wood are added here. It is important not to throw painted and unpainted wood in the same container as impregnated wood.

Container for things to reuse

Nonprofit organizations collect things they can sell further. Here you can leave things that still work. It is not allowed to pick anything from the container yourself.