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Frequently asked questions and answers at Söderhamn Nära.


Question: I moved to a new adress at the end of July so why have I received an invoice in August?
Answer: People pay for invoices in retrospect, therefore invoices for July are paid for in August. The invoice will show for which period is it valid for.

Question: What does due date mean?
Answer: It means the last day by which payment must be made to Söderhman Nära.

Question: What happens if I do not pay my invoice?
Answer: Ten days after the due date, you will get a notification of late payment reminding you that you have not paid your invoice. If you do not pay for the invoice within ten days of receipt of the notification you will be reported to the debt recovery department. If that happens you will have to pay your invoice plus penalties for debt recovery, penalites to the credit bureau as well risk your electricity, internet getting disconnected while we wait for payment.

Question: How does autogiro (automatic debit direct from your bank account) work?
Answer: Money will be debited directly from your bank account on the due date. It is important that there is enough money in the account on that day. If there is not enough money in the account you will be charged a penalty of 60 kr. The penalty will be debited together with the following month's invoice.

Question: Should I notify Söderhman Nära when I move to another residence/change address?
Answer: Yes. Otherwise we will not know that you have moved and you will have to pay for costs for your old residence as well as the new one. Notification of change of address can be made easily via our website. If not possible for you, you can ring our customer service or drop into our office during working ours. We are at Stabbläggaregatan 11.


Question: Can I apply for broadband connection if I do not have Swedish personal numbers?
Answer: No, you must have Swedish personal numbers including the last four numbers in order to apply for broadband.

Question: What I should I take with me to Söderhman NÄRA when I want to apply for broadband?
Answer: Valid identification. And, your tenancy contract so that we can see which product numbers apply for your area. Product numbers can sometimes be found on the key holder that you get from Faxeholmen. We need the number in order to know which apartment we shall connect the broadband.

Question: Can I get a contract for an apartment in which I do not hold a tenancy contract for?
Answer: No, you must be registered at the apartment for which you require broadband.

Question: How can I get connected via WiFi?
Answer: In order to use WiFi you need to buy a wifi router. You can buy it from TV shops.

Question: Why is my internet not working?
Answer: This can depend on many reasons:
1. You have not paid your invoice and therefore your internet has been disconnected.
2. Your router or computer is not working properly.
3. There can be connection problems with Söderhman Nära.
Ring our support desk, tel. 0270-199 99.


Question: Why am I getting two electricity invoices every month; one from Söderhman Nära and another one from Söderhamn Nära Elhandel, Gävle?
Answer: There are fixed electricity costs which everyone pay for monthly for the electricity grid owned by Söderhamn Nära.

Electricity grid transfers electricity from the power source to you.

The invoice will come from Söderhamn Nära.

Elhandel is the cost of the electrity you have used within the invoice month.
The invoice comes from Söderhamn Nära Elhandel or another electricity usage authority.

Question: I have received an offer in the mail from my utility company that wants me to choose an electricity contract. Should I accept?
Answer: No, but if you do not select any, you are automatically put on something called the order price. This option is much more expensive than if you make an active choice on the form sent out. You need not be afraid to be tied to your electricity contracts for 1, 2 or 3 years. If you move to a new address, the same the agreement will apply automatically.


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