Retirement homes

If you need more care than the home care can provide at your home you can be put into a nursing/retirement home.

An officer from the municipality will investigate your needs and determine if you are entitled to live in a nursing home.

All the elderly people's homes have staff throughout the day. There are also health care professionals such as nurses and physiotherapists in those homes.

All apartments have a phone jack, TV jack, security alarms and bed. If not, you may need to furnish the apartment yourself.

All who live in the retirement homes pay rent and a fee for service and care.

Nursing homes cost different amounts of money depending how big the apartment is and how much care is needed.

There are various retirement homes based on different needs.

Serviced accomodation

In the serviced buildings live people who do not need as much staff.

Serviced accommodation is available in Björkbacka (Ljusne), Kastanjen (Ljusne), Linden (Bergvik), Enriset (Söderhamn) and Åsgården (Söderhamn).

Group homes for persons with greater health care needs

If you need more care than you can get in the serviced buildings you can stay at a group home for people with greater health care needs. Here you have staff around the clock.

Accommodation available in Eklunda (Skog), Forsgården Norrala), Hedbacka Söderala), Björkbacka (Ljusne), Enriset (Söderhamn) och Åsgården (Söderhamn).

Group home for people with dementia

There are special group homes for people with dementia such as Alzheimer's disease. Here there are more staff and smaller apartments.

Accommodation available in Eklunda (Skog), Enriset (Söderhamn), Forsgården (Norrala), Hedbacka (Söderala) och Kastanjen (Ljusne).


If you have any questions please contact:
”Omvårdnad Direkt”
Monday-Friday 8:00-16:30
Telephone: 0270-756 56


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