Collaboration between guardians/parents and preschools is very important. Therefore, custodians should be with the child at preschool at the beginning until the child is used to being at preschool.


It is important that you, as a parent, write the children's times for leaving and picking up. Notify staff if you are delayed. Notify staff if someone else is going to pick up your child. Notify staff if you change your phone number, address or job.


Notify the staff if your child becomes ill. It is important that the child gets healthy before returning to preschool. If your child has been vomiting, your child should be home for 48 hours. Inform staff if your child has allergies or is on any other diet.


At preschool, children go out every day regardless of the weather. It is important to find replacement clothes if clothes become wet. You must also bring with you diapers for your child.

Progress discussions

At least once every term, the pupil, the teacher and the pupil’s guardian meet to discuss how things are going.

Through the Unikum web tool, students and guardians can follow their development from pre-school to high school.

More information about Unikum can be found here.