Care & health

If you fall ill, there are many ways to get medical attention.

If it is a life threatening situation please call 112 immediately!

If it is not a life threatening situation you can contact your local health centre called Hälsocentral. Alternatively, you can ring health advisors on 1177.

The local health centres or clinics, Hälsocentral, are open Monday to Friday from 08:00 – 17:00.

If your local clinic/health centre is closed, please call our health advisors on 1177 and book an appointment with a family doctor clinic that is open Monday to Friday between 17:00-20:00 and Saturday - Sunday 10:00-18:00.

Health advisors can also refer you to the emergency ward in Bollnäs or Hudiksvall.

Map: Health centres


You buy medicines at a pharmacy. For some medicines you need a prescription from a doctor. The staff at pharmacies know a lot about illnesses and medicines. They can answer many of your questions. Pharmacies also have brochures and information about various illnesses.