Introductory programmes

The Introductory programmes is for those who are not certified in the upper secondary or high school national program. There are five introduction programms which will prepare you for the national program, job market, or to attain an education. The five programms are listed below:


Preparandutbildningen (IMPRE)
Preparatory education

Programinriktat individuellt val (IMPRO)
Individual oriented program

Yrkesintroduktion (IMYRK)
Professional competence introduction

Individuellt alternativ (IMIND)
Alternative based on individual needs

Språkintroduktion (IMSPR)
Language introduction course


Common questions and answers for Staffangymnasiets IM (individualised program) students:

Student: I usually stay at home when it is time for class activities. I do not think that activities are real schoolwork.
Answer: During outdoor activities and all other activities that are organised by the school your presence is mandatory.

Student: I prefer to work alone when it is time for group activities.
Answer: Group work is part of your school work and all students should take part.

Student: I want to participate in sport with girls only.
Answer: Sporting lessons, including swimming lessons, will be done with boys and girls together.

Student: I have pain in my feet / I forgot my sports attire therefore I cannot take part in sporting actitivities.
Answer: You must always go to the sporting lesson and talk to your sports teacher.

Student: Which rules apply for presence during lessons.
Answer: You must always be present during lessons from start to end. Coming late or leaving early will always be reported by the supervising teacher.

Student: What are the rules regarding mobile telephones usage during lessons.
Answer: The supervising teacher will decide if you will use mobile telephones during lessons or not.

Student: When do I get a certified grade.
Answer: Within the preparatory program, students study at different levels. Completely new students will start at the lowest level called Slussen. After that, at level 1 you study SVA course 3. At the second level you study SVA yearly course 6 and at level 3 you study SVA yearly course 9. You can only get a grade after studying course 9 level 3. You can get a grade in Mathematics, English, drawing, sports and your mother language if you study them parallel course 9 regardless of whether you studied them in any other group other than 3.

Student: When can I change class or progress to the next level.
Answer: Changing classes can only be done when the term changes and according to level of development and knowledge of the student of SVA. Certification will not be done outside of the documented evidence of what the student has learnt.

Student: When can I start the National Program
Answer: You can apply for the national program or professional preparation when you have attained 8 grades with a pass. For studying preparation you need 12 grades with a pass. However, there is never any guarantee that you will be admitted into a program. Discuss with your student advisor or professional guide for further information.

Student: How long can I be in the individualised program (IM).
Answer: You are elegible to continue being in the program until you are 20 years old.

Student: If I do not attain a passing grade when I finish the individualised program (IM) what happens then.
Answer: Your student advisor or professional guide will advise you further.

Student: Who can I turn to when I need advice or am thinking about the future regarding further studying
Answer: You are always free to consult your student advisor or professional guide during your time in the individualised program.

Student: When can I get studying financial support from CSN?
Answer: You are automatically qualified for a study grant if you have a residence permit and are studying fulltime. If you do not have any other income you can apply for extra help and you need to do that by yourself. You can be required to pay back the study support if you miss classes for a prolonged period.

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