The Family centre

The family centre is a centre for families with children from the age of 0-5 years and pregnant women. The business is free and the staff have a duty of confidentiality. At the family centre you will find an open pre-school, pre natal and maternity care, children's healthcare, and counsellors.

The open preschool

At the open pre-school children and adults come together to play and to meet each other. Here, there are toys for children of the age 0-5 years and there is always someone to talk to at all times. Parents or adults who accompany children can remain and play with the children.

You do not need to notify the open pre-school in advance or before a visit. There is a refridgerator to put food and also a microwave which you can use to warm your food. Tea, coffee and sandwiches are also available for sale to adults. Children get snacks free of charge.

The pre-school opens at different times depending on age. You can find opening times on the link below.

Opening times. External link, opens in new window.

Children also get to play at the open pre-school before, during or after their visit to the children's healthcare centre and when their mothers visit for pre-natal and maternity healthcare. You can also get help with childcare at the open pre-school.

Pre-natal and maternity care

At the pre-natal and maternity care department of the family centre you are welcome for monitoring and tracking during pregnancy, advice on preparation and parenting. Here you can also get a pregnany test and advice on family planning and pregnancy prevention.

These services are free of charge and can only be accessed by appointment.


Ursula Franzke is a therapist and welcomes you for advice and support as expecting parents and parents with children from the age of 0-5 years who live in Söderhamns Kommun. Meetings are free of charge and the therapist is bound by confidentiality. Confiedentiality means that the therapist will not discuss details of your meeting with anyone else other than yourself.


Childcare central

Children's healthcare is completely free at the family centre and with each visit there is a health chat and checks for a child's development and growth.


All children between 0-6 as part of a national program. See table below for childcare schedule.

Contact: S = Nurse; T= Team of a Nurse and a Doctor


1-3 weeks: S, first contact with childcare follow-up home visits.
4 weeks: T, doctor's consultation
6-8 weeks: S, childcare appointment
3 months: S, vaccination
5 months: S, vaccination
6 months: T, doctor's consultation and examination
8 months: S, homevisit
10 months: S, childcare appointment
12 months: T, doctor's consultation, vaccination
18 months: S, vaccination
2,5-3 years: T, speech development assessment and doctor's consultation
4 years: S, sight and hearing assessment
5 years: S, vaccination, final consultation

Map: The Family centre External link, opens in new window.

Information about School health service


You buy medicines at a pharmacy. For some medicines you need a prescription from a doctor. The staff at pharmacies know a lot about illnesses and medicines. They can answer many of your questions. Pharmacies also have brochures and information about various illnesses.