PortMate - for better guest ports

Central Baltic

PortMate is focused on solutions to promote guest port security and how the port services can be both environmentally friendly and resource efficient.

On this basis, and together with renowned external stakeholders, PortMate will examine possibilities, collect best practices and exchange experiences about safety and availability, investments for increased services, information and marketing.

Action plans will be handled for the 19 ports included in PortMate with investment plans and local information. A joint action plan will also be produced for information and marketing

The action plans (including investments) are carried out within the project. Results are reported in a guide to interest other small ports in the Central Baltic area.

PortMate pilot small ports, in total 19 ports, are located in the "triangle of boating" Rauma in Finland, Sottunga and Kökar in Åland, Gävle and Söderhamn in Sweden. In Söder­hamn the pilot ports are the guest harbours in Söder­hamn Inner City, on Enskär and on Storjung­frun.

PortMate is financed by the EU-programme for Central Baltic. It runs from 1st November 2016 til 30th December 2019 with a total budget of EUR 2.7 million.

- Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (Finland) – Project leader
- Raumo (Finland)
- Sottunga (Åland)
- Kökar Havspaviljong (Åland)
- Gävle (Sweden)
- Söderhamn (Sverige)

Safe and Green Small Ports - www.portmate.eu External link.

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